Annual Summary

Through a dedicated and talented staff, the NELHSF was able to continue its efforts in providing our members and signatory employers with the most progressive, innovative, and exceptional health and safety resources available. 

During this past year, the Fund worked diligently towards effectuating fulfillment of its mission by continuing to assist our members and signatory contractors and employers in identifying and rectifying work site hazards, which in-turn results in providing a safer and healthier work environment. 

Our signatory employers continue to significantly benefit from the Fund’s strong commitment to provide them with a safety conscious workforce and, when necessary, assisting them in improving and creating healthy and safe work conditions. This shared commitment to workers’ health and safety allows the continuation of a cooperative approach with the end result of our signatory employers remaining competitive in today’s dynamic marketplace. 

The continual research and development of pertinent health and safety programs by various members of the Fund’s staff is convincing evidence of our commitment to improve the well being of our members and their families. Because of this continued commitment to our membership and their employers, the Fund actively promoted proactive initiatives and utilized its resources to address any problems that evolved which required reactive intervention. In this regard, I would like to thank the Executive Director and staff of the Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America and the Laborers’ International Union of North America Tri-Fund Field Coordinator for the New England Region for lending their assistance and resources when requested. This again is clear evidence of the ever reaching breadth of materials and programs available to assist our membership of over 30,000 in the New England Region. 

The Fund continues to employ methods of delivery to keep our members well informed of the required safety mandates of our industry as well as creating an ever present safety consciousness seeking to achieve safe job sites and a productive workforce. 

Each year the NELHSF has expanded its initiatives and programs to encompass the ever-changing needs of our members and signatory employers. This seemingly natural progression has enabled us to attain the status of a well-respected health and safety organization, not only here in the New England Region, but throughout the United States. The Fund proudly continues following the convictions of the Laborers’ International Union of North America to embrace the concept of Labor-Management Cooperation. The continued synergy with our two sister New England Funds, the New England Laborers’ Training Trust Fund (NELTTF) and the New England Laborers’ Labor -Management Cooperation Trust (NELLMCT) proves to be efficacious in sustaining this harmonious relationship between labor and management. 

Through a multi-faceted regional program the Fund incorporated various components when delivering our message. From grassroots initiatives to corporate level discussions, the goal remained to create and sustain an appreciation of workplace safety and personal wellness. 

The NELHSF’s Spotlight newsletter continued to be one of the Fund’s most popular offerings. Through this mechanism we were able to deliver important messages and information to not only our members, but to their families as well. 

Our work zone safety initiative continued to be one of our most highly sought after programs. This past year we continued to foster our working relationship with the Connecticut Department of Transportation as a partner within the state of Connecticut. The work zone safety initiative was expanded this year to include participation in diverse activities throughout our region including presentations for Laborers employed at the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, and for various OSHA 30-hour courses held by the New England Laborers’ Training Academy (NELTA), as well as special work zone programs designed specifically for several signatory contractors in our region. 

The Fund continued to foster previously established working relationships with other entities such as the Rhode Island Department of Transportation, and United States OSHA for the New England Region as well as the various states’ OSHA offices. 

The Mobile Outreach Unit’s (MOU) presence was visible on 35 jobsites this past year. With the assistance of various Local Union Business Managers as well as Employer Representatives, the “Bus” was able to reach out to 852 New England Laborers bringing the total number of Laborers educated on the MOU to 4,036. Again, I believe this is clear evidence of the respect and credibility afforded to this Fund. 

These are just a few examples of the many contacts the Fund had with our membership this past year. The following report will highlight the New England Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund’s primary activities, initiatives, interventions, and achievements of 2011. We are proud of the progressive and innovative approaches we used this year to achieve the many outstanding accomplishments presented in this report. 

I wish to say thank you to the Fund’s Board of Trustees for allowing us to fulfill our mission and affording us the resources to do so. 

The committed and dedicated staff of the New England Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund looks to 2012 with enthusiasm to expand upon these accomplishments, to be even more productive, and to provide for a healthier and safer 2012. 

Raymond C. Coia 
New England Laborers’ 
Health and Safety Fund