The Eyes Have It!

In the ongoing promotion of health and safety issues to its members, the NELHSF initiated an eye safety program for LIUNA members working on the Central Artery Tunnel Project (CA/T) in Boston, Massachusetts. With eye injuries being the number one preventable reported injury on the project, it was evident that the Fund should intervene in an effort to reduce the frequency of accidents. The Fund's past experiences have proven that through education it is possible to help reduce the rate of preventable, yet reoccurring injuries.

Taking a proactive approach to this problem, the Fund's staff developed an eye safety initiative, The Eyes Have It--A Mission For Vision. To launch the eye safety program, the NELHSF's staff created a comprehensive program that included hardhat stickers, tee shirts, safety glasses, and educational literature in the form of emergency eye-wash cards and paycheck inserts. The Fund also incorporated a novelty eyeball into the campaign for its shock-value as a constant reminder on eye safety.

To initiate The Eyes Have It--A Mission For Vision campaign, the Fund met with company representatives and various safety officers at a Central Artery Tunnel Labor/Management Committee meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Each member on the committee was presented with a promotional packet containing all items to be disseminated to LIUNA members on the CA/T project. The committee gave the program its overwhelming approval.

The eye safety campaign was effectively administered over a six-month period. The distribution of eye safety material was carefully planned to produce a maximum impact on the level of awareness of LIUNA members working on the project. Publications developed in-house by the NELHSF staff were the perfect compliment to the various give-a-ways distributed to the workers.

With the successful implementation of this critical safety awareness initiative the NELHSF is dedicated to continually promote an increased level of eye protection. To help facilitate this goal the Fund's Health and Safety Field Specialists persist in their efforts to bring the message about the undeniable benefits of protective eyewear to LIUNA members, signatory contractors, and their safety officers.